The Food Ambassadors

The Food Ambassadors features a renowned chef as he embarks on an international journey to meet fellow culinary masters from his country. In every episode he will visit a new chef in a different city and follow in their footsteps to get a taste of what it means to share their flavors with the world. Through visits to their home and restaurant, the host will understand the price these talented chefs have paid to attain success in a competitive and foreign food industry. From fine dining to fast food, each meeting will culminate in a showcase of the chef's restaurant, a testament to all that they have achieved. The format also comes with a digital companion show in which the host experiences the tastes and sites of the city through the top recommendations of the successful Israeli chef who has made it their home.

Genre: Factual Entertainment
Episodes: 8 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: Kan, Israel 
Production: Maagalot


Finished Series
Kan 8 x 60 mins, 1 season (Hebrew)

Serving a taste of home