Local Heroes

The moving and dramatic factual show, 'Local Heroes' follows the story of a city’s defenders – from firefighters to paramedics, bomb squads to drug units, giving us an up-close and personal look at these courageous people. Aired on Belgium’s VTM, the first season - 'Local Heroes: Through the Fire' - follows a team of firefighters as they battle through the obstacles of working in their demanding and dangerous jobs. Whether saving people from a burning building or rescuing a child from a car crash, we penetrate the depths of fire incidents. To save people’s lives, they will prepare for the worst and be confronted with situations that are almost impossible to bear.

With no filters and no censorship, in this unique docu-reality you will see through the eyes of our local heroes, feel the tension and experience the save.

Genre: Factual
Episodes: 60 mins
Broadcaster: VTM, WDR, Puls4, S+
​Country of Broadcast: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Portugal
Production: Geronimo

Finished Series
VTM 100 x 60 mins, 13 seasons (Flemish)

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