Back to the Date

Remember the spark you felt the first time you saw each other? The laughter you shared on your first date, the night you stayed out dancing, the passion and the romance… What happened? Life happened. You still love each other, but that spark has faded – along with your hairline, your patience and your attraction to one another. 'Back to the Date' gives couples a second chance to fall in love for the rest of their lives.

In each episode, ordinary couples get the opportunity to relive their happiest time together, represented by a photo from their album – it can be on vacation, at their wedding, or on a simple dinner date. Accompanied by a team of experts, their goal will be to return to the couple they used to be by undergoing a physical and emotional transformation – that will bring them – refreshed and restored – back to the date.

Genre: Factual Entertainment
Episodes: 40-50 mins
Broadcaster: Rede Record, Brazil
Production: Armoza Formats

A second chance to fall in love again