Drive Therapy

Who hasn’t felt lost at some point and wished they had some guidance? Help is just one car ride away! Drive Therapy is a docu-reality format that brings therapy into the intimate setting of a car on their way to a meaningful meeting. In each episode, our backseat therapist, along with his trusted driver, will pick up three people who are on a journey in their lives and drive them to a destination in order to confront something in their lives. During the ride, our therapist will provide the passenger with new tools that will help them re-route their lives, instead of constantly arriving at the same dead end.  On the way, they will stop at several meaningful places to their journey, ending as they arrive at the final destination as well as a deeper understanding of themselves.

Genre: Docu-reality
Timeslot: 60 mins
Producers: Armoza Formats and Artza Productions

Calculating New Route