The Moves

This fun and emotional format highlights that while everyone loves to dance, not everyone has the moves. In each episode 4 all-star dance coaches compete to give the most amazing dance makeover of the night. Potential participants, who want and need a dance makeover, will showcase their moves for our dance coaches. From a 60-year-old grandpa who wants to “boogie” with his grandkids to a shy overweight teen wanting to gain confidence, each episode brings a variety of memorable characters and relatable stories. The coaches will pick the contestant who has the moves they can work with. In the second half of the episode, we will meet each duo in the studio as they reveal their makeovers in front of a live audience, family and friends. The episode ends as the audience decides which makeover had the winning moves.

Genre: Dance Makeover 
Episodes: 60-90 mins
Production: Armoza Formats

Dance like everyone's watching