More is Less

Imagine you only had 5 ingredients in your kitchen, would you be able to create a winning dish? What if you only had 4...or 3.. what would you do? More is Less is the high stakes culinary competition that shows that a truly great cook can take the simplest ingredients and create a mind-blowing dish! In each episode, 4 talented chefs battle it out in three elimination rounds to impress our top industry judges. The catch? The more ingredients they use, the less money they win. In each round, the chefs race against the clock to cook a top-level dish within the allowed number of ingredients. If they can’t handle the heat and have to go over limit of ingredients, it will cost them. The show’s iconic rotating pantry limits what ingredients are available to the contestants. Who will cook with less to impress, winning their way to the top and going home with the cash prize?  

Genre: High stakes cooking competiton
Episodes: 60 mins
Production: Armoza Formats and Something Special 

Cook with less to impress!