A dramatic mini-series, Vertige follows the story of Daphne, a young woman who awakens after 3 months in a coma with no memory of the 24 hours prior to her alleged suicide attempt. Refusing to believe that she tried to take her own life, she tries to piece together what really happened and realizes she can trust no one, not even her closest family. While reconstructing the puzzle she'll discover secrets, lies and the unspeakable truth locked deep in her memory.

As every new piece of the puzzle is revealed, we discover another layer of the story, in an intense, unpredictable and edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller.

Episodes: 6 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: Séries+ & TVA, ETB
Country of Broadcast: Canada, Spain
Production: Pixcom

Finished Series
TVA 6 x 60 mins (French)

Only your memory can save you