Life Isn't Everything

Israel's most beloved and longest-running sitcom has aired 9 seasons to date. This romantic and slightly cynical sitcom centers on a comedy writer who can’t seem to figure out life. Just when he thinks he’s got it all, he realizes he should be more careful of what he wishes – life might just give him everything he thought he wanted! Trying for a baby with his wife, they soon realize all they really want is a good night's sleep. Attempting to bring back the passion, they realize that they’re better off with a divorce. And dating new people, they finally understand that all they really want is each other! Touching, honest and funny, ‘Life Isn’t Everything’ is a true look at life with a lovable family.

Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 150 x 30 mins
Broadcaster: Channel 2, Open TV
Country of Broadcast: Israel, Greece
Production: JCS Productions

Be careful what you wish for...