Exposed deals with the rise and fall of one of the nation’s most tenacious TV anchors as she faces scandal and deception.

Working for the country’s top-rated news show, celebrity newscaster Gali Arazi thinks she has it made when she uncovers the scoop of a lifetime - an alleged rape by a highly positioned judge. But when her exposé leads to the judge’s death, it becomes the story that sends her plummeting to her failure, as the judge’s daughter joins the news team under a fake identity, prepared to do anything to avenge her father and destroy Gali’s life. With Gali’s relationships unraveling and her life falling apart, will it become too much for her, forcing her to go off air… for good?

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 160 x 30 mins
Broadcaster: HOT, Israel
Production: Koda Communications

Where the real drama takes place behind the scenes