The Game

Young, feisty video game designer Marianne is a rising star in the highly competitive, male-dominated game designer community and working on her next big project. But when she publicly criticizes online “trolls” for spreading hatred on the internet, she creates a massive controversy that results in an online campaign attacking her. In the thick of this storm, she is physically assaulted but with no memory of what happened, Marianne is haunted with fear and promises to get to the truth. As the harassment grows more intense, it poisons every part of her life, endangering her loved ones and her career. Can she find the strength and courage to finish her video game on time while also attempting to unravel the mystery of what happened to her? In a race against the clock, she must beat them at their own game before she loses it all.

Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 10 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: TVA, Canada
Production: Amalga 


Finished Series
TVA 10 x 60 mins, 1 season (French)

She's playing for her life and there's no [esc]