Maya, a popular blogger, is preparing for the perfect summer after being chosen to represent a fashion brand along with her boyfriend and their social media group, the Glitch Group. All this changes when she is forced to accompany her 15-year-old Autistic sister, Alona, to a youth sailing camp for people with special needs. At the camp, the two sisters are pushed to spend time together after years of alienation and distance from each other. The sisters become closer with those at the camp and perhaps, even each other. Will Maya be able to see her sister beyond her label and put aside her need to present the world with a certain appearance in order to be the sister that Alona always wanted? Exceptional is an exciting and suspenseful teen drama that unfolds stories of friendship and betrayal, morality and sin and of course, love in its many forms. 

Genre: Teen Drama
Episodes: 20 x 30 mins
Broadcaster: Kan 11, Israel
Production: 8 Productions

# A Special Story