Curvy Supermodel

'Curvy Supermodel' is the prime time reality competition that is set to change how we define beauty, in a nationwide casting show searches for the face of the future – with power, style and curves. Only the best will be selected from the thousands of aspiring “plus-size” models looking to find a place in the tough and discriminative modeling industry. Each week they will confront their issues and face new challenges that will not only prepare them for their career, but also provide them with job opportunities on their way to the top. An expert jury will mentor them on their path and choose who has what it takes to continue to the next episode and who must be eliminated. We’ll accompany them on their inspiring journeys, uncovering their fears, struggles and joys as they represent the beauty of real women everywhere. And while all of them will defy society’s strict beauty stereotype, only one can be chosen to win the title and the modeling contract.

Genre: Prime Time Reality
Episodes: 60-120 mins
Broadcaster: RTL2, Polsat, 1+1, RTL5, Vitaya, LNK, Divinity, U Channel
Country of Broadcast: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Spain, Russia
Production: Tresor TV

Finished Series
RTL2 19 x 90-120 mins (German) 

1+1 18 x 60-90 (Ukraine) 

REAL curves, REAL women, REAL beauty