Based on the culture of online self-exposure, ‘Connected’ is a revolutionary format that gives cameras to five men or women who don't know each other, which they use to film their lives. Through the cameras, five parallel stories unfold and gradually become connected as each participant experiences transformative life changes and journeys of self-discovery.

The highest-rated Israeli TV program on cable EVER, "Connected" is an incredible journey into the very real, and uncannily connected, lives of men and women in a way you've never seen them before.

Genre: Docu-Reality
​Episodes: 30 mins
Broadcaster: HOT, NCRV/NED3, MTV3, DR2/Discovery +, FEM, 1+1, Kanal 2, ZEE TV, Kanal D, RTE2, AOL, RTL2, WP1,
Country of Broadcast: Israel, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Estonia, India, Romania, Ireland, USA, Hungary, Poland
Production: Koda Communications

"Connected is more REAL than any Reality Show…A Masterpiece" (Time Out Magazine)