Dating the Mob

It’s time for a special road trip on a quest to find love in Dating the Mob! A mob of 25 fabulous single ladies will go on a tour of 3 significant stops into the life of a mystery bachelor, trying to figure out if he is their perfect match. At each stop, our mob will have an experience based on the episode’s bachelor’s life. After each stop, each single lady must decide to stay on the journey and continue to the next stop or go and meet a new bachelor in the next episode. While the mob has been touring his life, our bachelor anxiously watches to see which of the ladies chose to meet him at the end and then it’s his turn to choose – who will he want to date? After a special group date with his 3 chosen ladies, who will be his final choice?

Genre: Dating 
Episodes: 60 mins
Production: Armoza Formats and Stepping Stone

3 stops to love!