The Final Cut-Down

Five hairdressers compete to make the final cut!

The Final Cut-Down is the daily stripped format where each week 5 hairdressers from a different city will compete to give one lucky passer-by a completely new look in just 3 hours! Each day one of the five competitors will work to transform one person from head to toe, while sharing their best hair styling advice, tips and tricks. With their rivals choosing who they must transform, which hairdresser will be the highlight of the week and which will be completely cut out? ‘The Final Cut-Down’ will blow you away!

Genre: Daily Stripped Styling
Episodes: 30 mins
Broadcaster: TV Barrandov, StarTV, M6, TVN Style, La5
Country of Broadcast: Czech Republic, Turkey, France, Poland, Italy
Production: Petr Lesák & Real TV

Finished Series
M6 35 x 60 mins, 2 seasons (French)

Making every day a good hair day!