Still Standing

‘Still Standing’ knocks both contestants and viewers off of their feet!  The prime-time game show format offers contestants the chance to win $1 million by out-guessing ten opponents in ten fast-paced and dramatic trivia battles. As the clock winds down, contestants fight to be the last one still standing, because if they're left scrambling for the answer, they'll literally be dropped from the game – straight through the floor of the studio!

With over 7,000 commissioned episodes globally, the award-winning format ‘Still Standing’ is scoring above the channels' average share – both in weekly and daily programming.

Episodes: +7,000 episodes
Broadcaster: Channel 10, Antena 3, NBC, Sat 1, D8, M1, Azteca America, Star TV, Bandeirantes, Jiangsu Satellite, Channel 10, VTM, Canale 5, Medcom, Channel 7, HTV7, MMTV. ANT1
Country of Broadcast: Israel, Spain, USA , Germany, France, Hungary, US Hispanic, Turkey, Brazil, China, Uruguay, Belgium, Italy, Panama, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Greece
Production: July-August Productions

Finished Series
Antena 3 +1700 x 60 mins (Spanish)
Canale 5 425 x 90 mins, 3 seasons (Italian)

Are you ready to get knocked off your feet?