Do Me a Favor

What would you do if your only hope lay in convincing complete strangers to help you? Developed with Telefe (Argentina), 'Do Me a Favor' is the funny and cheeky ambush game show where two contestants go head-to-head to win cash prizes. As they take to the streets, their aim is to convince complete strangers to do them a favor in the least amount of time. With a ten minute time limit and a $250 budget, the participants can ask, beg, compliment or bribe to get their way! There’s just one problem – they can only choose from a set list of 15 favors, ranging from the difficult to the crazy or the downright disgusting! A game show where the “beggars” can also be winners!

Episodes: 30 mins
Broadcaster: Telefe, Rede Record, Channel 9
Country of Broadcast: Argentina, Brazil, Thailand

You don’t need to be a trivia master, just a master of persuasion!