'Babushka' is the thrilling and high stakes prime time studio game show! Presented with 10 giant Russian “babushka” dolls, contestants must open 8 of them for the chance to win up to $500,000. If the babushka is empty they lose whatever money they have accumulated to that point, whereas if there is a smaller doll inside they continue to win!

A combination of knowledge, strategy and pure luck, ‘Babushka’ is a rollercoaster ride of a game show, where you will never know what to expect! And with no exit points and no eliminations, the ‘Babushka’ experience is packed with amazing highs and emotional lows as the contestants stake their winnings at every stage!

Episodes: 60 mins
Broadcaster: ATV, TVG, ITV, El Trece
Country of Broadcast: Turkey, Spain, UK, Argentina
Production: Armoza Formats

Finished Series
ITV 30 x 60 mins (English) 
TVG 335 x 60 mins, 5 seasons (Spanish)

It's what's inside that counts!