The Senseless Dating Show

In the modern world of dating apps, we start choosing based only on sight, but what if you had to use your other senses to make a decision? The Senseless Dating Show is the new studio-based format that shows that love is more than meets the eye! In each episode, one sexy single will have to rely on her senses as five suitors compete to win a date with her – they know how she looks but she has no idea what they look like. Using smell, sound, touch, taste and her “sixth sense”, our single will put her suitors through the ultimate test - a series of ridiculous and hot challenges to help her choose her date before seeing him. With eliminations after each round, can she trust her senses to find Mr Right or will they steer her wrong?

Genre: Dating 
Episodes: 60 mins
Production: Armoza Formats

Bring dating to its senses