Queens of Love

The outrageously entertaining show in which 3 fabulous drag queens come to the rescue of one hopeless single who has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Using their wild personalities and insights from both worlds, our marvelous mentors will pick her up for a night of fun and romance and together they will audition 4 potential suitors.

The queens will cut through the nonsense of a first date and help her on her way to finding love! And who wouldn’t want these direct divas by their side – digging deep with their tough questions and making sure that all secrets are revealed! After each date, they will analyze, discuss and critique the suitor – holding nothing back in their attempt to find “Mr. Right”. At the end of the night, the queens will decide which man is the best fit, helping her break her bad dating streak once-and-for-all! 

Genre: Dating
Episodes: 60 mins
Production: Armoza Formats

Dating doesn't have to be a drag!