The Running Show

Put on your running shoes for this fresh and fast-paced lifestyle show that combines the essence of a talk show with a highly-charged entertainment format! 

In each episode of 'The Running Show', our beloved host goes on the run joined by a variety of celebrity guests. Whether popstar, comedian, stylist, magician or relationship expert, they’ll all have to keep up with our hysterical host, as we find out all the juicy details, and enjoy their lifestyle advice and live performances! The only talk show that happens on the run, they’ll come across various challenging pit-stops along the way that will take the interview to a new level. In a show packed with surprises, anything is possible as long as you keep moving!

Genre: Talk Show
Episodes: 30 mins
Broadcaster: Sohu.TV, China
Production: Armoza Formats, Sohu and Zipi Rozenblum

Can you keep up?